Non-Transparent LED

All Non-Transparent LED products have the same structure and the same easy installation mode.

Indoor Smart LED Display

Variant: 4mm pixel pitch / 6mm pixel pitch

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Outdoor Smart LED Display

Variant: 4mm pixel pitch / 6mm pixel pitch

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Flexible Screen – R8-i

The Flexible Screen is a flexible, lightweight, ultra thin LED technology.

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Innovation Strength

DIY, flexible styling

Inner and outer Arc design, supporting 0 deg to 15 deg straight screen and arcuate splicing with creative and flexible

Front Maintenance

Easy installation and maintenance. It takes only 5 seconds for disassembly without and tools.


Ultra-light weight and slim design, 1.65kg/pcs, 33 mm. Is modular, less wire, 1 in-1 out, IP65

Technical Strength

Wider view angle and reliable quality

160°view angle. SMD on surface of bar, side emitting.

High refresh rate

3840Hz refresh rate. No flickering when using camera taking pictures or videos on screen.


No receiving card needed. Has an integrated design: lamp panel, system and drive 3 in 1

High Brightness

5500 CD/m2, refresh rate 3804HZ


Easy to get approval and easy installation. Wide coverage, average cost is low


Option with face recognition function, able to collect information, analysis of advertising effect.


AR interactive experience,able to work with XBOX, more possibility for advertisement creativity.


Use the screen as sales machine, scan code to pay, add sales value.


The Transparent LED provides perfect solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, being widely used in shopping mall, stores, banners, advertisement, bus display, curved led display and so one..


The Non-Transparent LED screens can be managed with the mobile software application. It easily allows you to change different images and videos with the app. Available for iOS and Android.

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