Transparant LED

Transparent LED

Transparent LED

The transparent LED screen has a high transparency. It has a very simple structure, smart and high brightness. The product can be controlled by mobile or tablet. It can be applied to wider media advertising market.

Jade Screen Series

Can be used as display window.

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Ice Screen Series

Suitable for stage entertainment.

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Poster Screen Series

Perfect for retail market.

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Innovation Strength


Displays awesome HD video on screen without blocking view.


Screen can be controlled by smartphone. Simple and easy operation steps.


Plug & play. Concise appearance. Fast and easy maintenance.

Technical Strength

Wider view angle and reliable quality

160°view angle. SMD on surface of bar, side emitting.

High refresh rate

3840Hz refresh rate. No flickering when using camera taking pictures or videos on screen.

High brightness

5500 cd/sqm – Still clearly visible under strong light. Very low consumption VS traditional sceen, saves 50% energy

High transparency

>85% transparency – highest in the industry


Does not block the inside display. Has a high definition & stunning holographic effect.


Creates a perfect space atmosphere. Coordinates perfectly with the architecture style and interior design. Gives a more visual impact.



Integrates a virtual real world. Diversified surface modeling. Creates more possibilities for stage special effects.


Has a smart interaction. Attracts more customers, increase entering rate, enhance shopping experience


The Transparent LED screens can be managed with the mobile software application. It easily allows you to change different images and videos with the app. Available for iOS and Android.

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